Giving Back to Society

The KC Group is fully committed to making conscious efforts for extending support, help and assistance to the under-privileged segments of society in feasible and pragmatic ways. Some of them are stated below

The Charter of KC Education Trust lays specific stress on taking conscious steps to provide succour to the poor and the needy. Soon after the inception of KC Public School, a backward village on Indo- Pak Border was adopted in order to build bridges of friendship between Government High School Naraina and KC Public School Jammu. Over the years, students of both these schools have joined hands in a number of schemes and projects aimed at inculcating awareness and commitment towards social causes and issues among students and to share resources in attaining these goals. KCPS students and staff frequently visit Naraina, discuss issues with the village elders and also extend whatever material help they can to facilitate a better educational environment in the village school. Every year on the occasion of the annual function at KCPS, students from Narayana take part in the cultural show and showcase their talent in performing arts.

KC Group has also established the 'Jai Datti Ma Trust' for the welfare and upliftment of women. The Trust has done yeoman's work in the past to help and rehabilitate wives of police personnel martyred in action and supported them whole-heartedly in becoming self-reliant and independent. The Trust is committed to extending unstinted assistance to women victimized by circumstances, both social and economic.

The KC Educational Society running three premier educational institutions in the city of Jammu is fully aware of its role and responsibility in extending support to defence forces deployed in the state in large numbers. The children of armed forces enjoy the privilege of priority admission in KC Public School and are also offered sizable rebate in school fees.

Given below are some of the salient events and practices undertaken under the aegis of the KC Educational Society for the welfare of the community

  • Frequent awareness camps organized at Narayana village with joint involvement of children of KC Public School and Government High School Narayana
  • Establishment of Computer Lab at Government High School Narayana
  • Collaboration with students of Government High School Narayana in the production of Cultural Shows for KC Public School annual functions
  • Opening and maintenance of a Narayana Village Welfare Fund account with J&K Bank and periodic fund raising for it.
  • Donation of books to the library of Government High School Narayana
  • Merit-cum-Means Scholarships/Concessions awarded to students of KC Public School and KC Law College